We support blockchains that improve life.

We’re connecting blockchain projects that produce real world, tangible benefits – be it educational, scientific, philanthropic, or humanitarian. We share a common belief that the energy going into blockchain development should be for a purpose that improves the human condition.

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What is Science Blockchains?

Science Blockchains does not create a token or coin. Rather it brings together the minds behind some of the most ambitious projects powered by blockchain technology. We are a community of developers, artists, and future driven minds who believe that the electricity behind blockchain should be used to directly benefit lives.  Together, through a peer-based system of concurrency, we explore projects who dare to push the boundaries and benefit us all.


May 2018

First 5 members of Science Blockchains

June 2018

Website Launched

July 2018

Members Present at Digital Currency Con

September 2018

Presenting at Azure Blockchain Saturday

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The Science Blockchain Team combines a passion for education, scientific advancement, transparency, community and empowering ideas.

Simulated Molecular Interactions
Mine Medicine, Not Hashes
Predictive Artificial Intelligence
BOINC Computations Through Proof-Of-Research
Education Platform

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Presentation at Azure Blockchain Saturday

Science Blockchains is presenting Saturday September 8th at Salt Lake Community College for the Azure...

Members Present at Digital Currency Con

Sparkki and Neureal will be in attendance at the Digital Currency Con in Park City,...

Science Blockchains Launches

We went live!   Woooooo!

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve tried to answer the most common questions Science Blockchains has received.  If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

No- Science Blockchains is a community of peers each with their own projects and blockchains. Together we bring awareness to our members projects and platforms.

We meet each team in person and do an in depth analysis of their project plan, whitepaper, and community support.

We are always looking to connect with new projects that share our common vision. The best way to be featured is to contact us through the forms below.

While age of your blockchain can be important, community support and ambition of the project is considered in our vetting process.

No- no one project we support is better or worse than another. We do not touch on any financial information as we are not a trading platform or investment group. We solely highlight the projects ability to bring beneficial change to our world.

We aren't a buyers/sellers club. We believe in the power of the blockchain for future development and practicality, not its market value.

No- we are not open to donations at this time.

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Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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